Here’s How to Reinvent Your Blog Personality and Shift the Tone

When you first start a blog, your mantra should be “done is better than perfect.” It’s easy to get held up with publishing new articles when you’re overly critical of yourself.

But remember, a blog is not like a printed newspaper; you can make changes after initially publishing an article. You can even decide to alter your blog personality after time goes on.

Such was the case when lifestyle blog Champagne Cailyn shifted to become Bloom With Style, after the blog’s author became a mom and entered a different stage in her life.

Let’s dig in deeper as to why you might want to change direction with your own blog.

Why blogs undergo tone shifts

There are countless reasons why blog owners might want to change their blog.

Perhaps you started a lifestyle blog about your city, then decided to move elsewhere. Or maybe you launched your blog assuming that you’d be catering to one audience, but your analytics data suggests that you might have better success with another.

Another common reason for changing your blog personality is a change in business strategy. You don’t want to spend time creating how-to articles that relate to a product or service that you no longer offer, for instance.

For all of these reasons and so many more, it makes sense that your blog may start out with one focus or perspective, but then later evolve to become something quite different.

How to smoothly execute a blog tone shift

It’s tempting to launch a complete blog rebrand along with a change in tone, but it’s probably only necessary in the most extreme situations. That said, changes will be necessary to align your new focus with how you communicate with readers.

Start by creating a new blog style guide. This will act as the single point of truth for your blog’s new direction. It should contain information on formatting, image use, and the demographics/psychographics of your target audience. One of the hardest parts of the shift will revolve around the nuances with your blog’s new voice — check out Distilled’s and Skyword’s guides on the topic to help you.

As a bonus, this style guide document will also serve to set expectations for any blog contributors who will be staying with you after this shift in tone.

Communicating the shift to your audience

Once you’ve decided to make this change and you’ve started to execute the switch, it’s time to loop in your existing audience.

Writing a post about your new blog personality and, specifically, why you’re pursuing a new focus is a great first step. From there, you can share this article with your email subscribers, social media followers, and on any other online platforms where people connect with you.

It would be a mistake to make this change without addressing it. Some of your existing followers may not connect with your new focus and you may lose them, but that’s okay — you’ve cleared the path to reach a new audience.

Moving forward as a “new” blog

Even if you’ve followed all of the advice in this article, it’s really just the beginning of your new blog strategy. From here, you’ll want to go back into old content to reconfigure it according to your new style guide, deleting content that doesn’t fit your new focus.

You’ll probably also want to put some thought into developing a new content calendar, brainstorming topics, and assigning due dates to keep content volume consistent.

Do you have questions about changing up your blog’s personality? Let us know in the comments below.

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