uxcell 1PC Copper Round Tube 8mm-30mm OD 100mm/200mm/300mm Length Hollow Straight Pipe Tubing for DIY crafts industrial




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1. Copper with corrosion resistance, processing, ductility, and weather resistance. It can be processed according to the length you need.
2. The surface is smooth, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, can be welded and brazed.
3. Commonly used in DIY crafts, building decoration, gas system, heating system, oil, frames, boat building, modelers, gardening products, conductive, thermal equipment.
4. The surface of the copper tube is easy to be oxidized and it will have a little oxidation (not rustiness), but it does not affect the use. If you need a beautiful appearance, such as crafts, it is recommended to use fine sandpaper grinding.

Material: Copper
Outer Diameter(Approx.):
Wall Thickness(Approx.):
Total Length(Approx.):

Package Content:
1 x Copper Round Tube

15mm x 0.5mm x 200mm
8mm x 0.2mm x 300mm
11mm x 0.5mm x 200mm
11mm x 1mm x 200mm
12mm x 0.5mm x 200mm
12mm x 1mm x 200mm
13mm x 1mm x 200mm
14mm x 1mm x 200mm
15mm x 1mm x 200mm
16mm x 1mm x 200mm
17mm x 1mm x 200mm
18mm x 1mm x 200mm
20mm x 1mm x 200mm
11mm x 0.5mm x 100mm
11mm x 1mm x 100mm
12mm x 0.5mm x 100mm
12mm x 1mm x 100mm
13mm x 1mm x 100mm
14mm x 1mm x 100mm
15mm x 0.5mm x 100mm
15mm x 1mm x 100mm
16mm x 1mm x 100mm
19mm x 1mm x 100mm
20mm x 1mm x 100mm
21mm x 1mm x 100mm
22mm x 1mm x 100mm
23mm x 1mm x 100mm
24mm x 1mm x 100mm
25mm x 1mm x 100mm
27mm x 1mm x 100mm
28mm x 1mm x 100mm
29mm x 1mm x 100mm
30mm x 1mm x 100mm


8mm x 0.2mm x 300mm, 11mm x 0.5mm x 200mm, 11mm x 1mm x 200mm, 12mm x 0.5mm x 200mm, 12mm x 1mm x 200mm, 13mm x 1mm x 200mm, 14mm x 1mm x 200mm, 15mm x 0.5mm x 200mm, 15mm x 1mm x 200mm, 16mm x 1mm x 200mm, 17mm x 1mm x 200mm, 18mm x 1mm x 200mm, 20mm x 1mm x 200mm, 11mm x 0.5mm x 100mm, 11mm x 1mm x 100mm, 12mm x 0.5mm x 100mm, 12mm x 1mm x 100mm, 13mm x 1mm x 100mm, 14mm x 1mm x 100mm, 15mm x 0.5mm x 100mm, 15mm x 1mm x 100mm, 16mm x 1mm x 100mm, 19mm x 1mm x 100mm, 20mm x 1mm x 100mm, 21mm x 1mm x 100mm, 22mm x 1mm x 100mm, 23mm x 1mm x 100mm, 24mm x 1mm x 100mm, 25mm x 1mm x 100mm, 27mm x 1mm x 100mm, 28mm x 1mm x 100mm, 29mm x 1mm x 100mm, 30mm x 1mm x 100mm